April 23

Animal themes tonight. I just love picturing that roach shaking a shimmy on the butter.

indoor cat (a quatrain)
She sits looking out in disbelief
At the little birds singing cheep cheep cheep
With no means to reach the doorknob she has a hunch
That today, again, she'll miss the free lunch

by Christopher Morley
 SCUTTLE, scuttle, little roach— 
How you run when I approach. 
Up above the pantry shelf, 
Hastening to secrete yourself.

Most adventurous of vermin, 
How I wish I could determine 
How you spend your hours of ease, 
Perhaps reclining on the cheese.

Cook has gone, and all is dark— 
Then the kitchen is your park: 
In the garbage heap that she leaves 
Do you browse among the tea leaves?

How delightful to suspect 
All the places you have trekked: 
Does your long antenna whisk its 
Gentle tip across the biscuits?

Do you linger, little soul, 
Drowsing in our sugar bowl? 
Or, abandonment most utter, 
Shake a shimmy on the butter?

Do you chant your simple tunes 
Swimming in the baby's prunes? 
Then, when dawn comes, do you slink 
Homeward to the kitchen sink?

Timid roach, why be so shy? 
We are brothers, thou and I. 
In the midnight, like yourself, 
I explore the pantry shelf!

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